2013 teams are moving fast

We founded StartFast Venture Accelerator in 2011 with the mission to attract, invest in, mentor and accelerate the growth of tech startups. Two classes later, we are excited to announce an exit, a round closing and the addition of several new investors. And this is only the beginning.First-time entrepreneurs Tristan Toye and Mo El Mahallaway from Ontario, Canada and their startup, Calester, took part in StartFast's accelerator program during summer 2013. After the program, Toronto-based Dossiya acquired Calester, marking the first acquisition from StartFast's portfolio. This is a significant milestone for the program because it shows that intellectual property and talent are highly valued, which is good for our investors and for the entrepreneurs.Formed by Michael Quigley and Devin Daly, SwipeToSpin enables any product to be viewed in 3D on mobile devices and the web. “After we completed the StartFast accelerator program, Chuck and Nasir led our investment round,” according to CEO Daly. “Once we had Startfast committed as lead, other investors lined up with confidence.”  Investors from both Upstate and New York City completed SwipeToSpin's financing in March. Using this capital, the company has added sales and technical capacity, closed a key distribution partnership to over 1,500 publishers and is poised for significant growth.StartFast is 100% privately funded. Initial capital came from its founders, members of the Seed Capital Fund of CNY, Cayuga Ventures, Upstate Venture Connect and angel investors. We also welcomed four new investment groups as limited partners during 2013. According to Martin, who also founded Upstate Venture Connect, "The expansion of StartFast with additional investor support is a boon for the Upstate economy. With it, we can help more entrepreneurs, provide their companies with a longer runway from which to take off, and foster greater success across the Upstate ecosystem."So if you want to accelerate your startup, just hit the apply button at the top of the page and fasten your seatbelt! 

James Shomar
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