StartFast Program Midpoint Sees Teams Gaining Traction

2015teamsWe're almost at the halfway mark of this year's program, which means the focus for our founders has shifted from meeting mentors to focusing on growth and traction. Managing Director Chuck Stormon shared how to find your first 1,000 (or 500,000) users, and the teams began presenting their growth hacking campaign strategies. Here are the latest updates from our startups at the midpoint:

  • EGF is gaining traction with their weekly tournament series and increased reach and awareness on Facebook and Twitter by nearly 1,000%. They also made key connections with colleges, validating they're on the right path and that the sales cycle duration would be one tenth of what they'd anticipated. Know any college gamers? Get them involved in EGF's Summer Series!
  •  SmartyPans put their prototype to the test to measure live temperature and weight data on astovetop. They created a heat map and observed temperature readings in different parts of the pan, determining that it has a 96% accuracy rate. The company was also invited to showcase their product at the Luxury Technology Show, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal in West Hollywood. This is your chance to pre-order yours a steeply discounted price.
  • Mogee received its first YouTube personality endorsement from FiercelyTasha, which was very successful. The company also released the Android version of its app. Download yours to surprise your friends with moving emojis.
  • BitReady completed their integration with payment processor SynapsePay. They also selected itBit as their primary exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin in preparation for their official launch this month. Don't miss you chance to join the beta.
  • HoverStat is excited to unveil their brand new website, built by StartFast's talented Design Star, Yoon Jae (Jenny) Kim.  After exploring a number of potential markets, the company is focusing on the insurance industry and solar panel installers.

Watch our weekly wrap-up video below, and make sure you follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with their growth this summer, and save the date to see them pitch at Demo Day August 13th! 

James Shomar
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