EIR Guest Post: Find a Way

This is a guest post by StartFast EIR Kyle Blumin (@kyleblumin)Hi, my name is Kyle, and I"m addicted to skiing. Somehow I"ve managed to weave skiing into my personal and professional life. I rolled into Park City, Utah today after driving a little over 2000 miles from Syracuse, New York. Many of you reading this must be wondering what would possess me to do such a thing considering the Wright brothers invented flying a long time ago. The simple answer is - my dog. My wife and I were never thrilled with the concept of putting him on a plane. So, yours truly drew the short straw. At least that"s what I thought when I contemplated repeating what has become an annual trip to Mecca. My trip would prove otherwise.As mile after mile rolled by I couldn"t help but think how incredible it is that everything I was seeing was created in about 200 years. Low and slow gives you a completely different perspective than peanuts and soda or the smelly guy that just won"t shut up. The thought crossed my mind that I was traveling in a car at 75 miles per hour with heat, heated seats, anti-lock brakes and air bags. The temperature in Wyoming was -20 degrees and the wind was blowing at 35 miles per hour. I couldn"t imagine what it was like for the early pioneers of this country in the face of weather like that without any modern amenities. Imagine traveling by foot or horse across undeveloped land with no map and no real understanding as to what your fate truly was to be. No cars, no fast food, no cell phone, no government, no nothin". Just try to imagine that - let it sink in. Some died along the way in horrific events. But some actually found a way to survive and made it. It had to have taken an unwavering mental acuity and stubbornness to make it. Because of that mental fortitude and ability to survive, others thrived and this country was built.When you drive 2000 miles, you have a lot of time to think. You also have a lot of time to listen to music that you"re thankful nobody else knows you"re listening to (come on, you know you"ve done that). As I thought about all that has been created in a fairly short period of time, it amazed me even more to think about what has developed over the last 30 years. The personal computer, email, cell phone, mobile device, internet and social media have all developed since the 80"s. The mass commercialization of all of this has really only come to be within the last 20 years. The proliferation of technology that allows for intricate communication to occur in seconds over a distance that took me days to drive was developed in less than 10% of the history of this country. Amazing.I used to use the saying, "none of this matters in 100 years anyways". Over time I"ve come to realize that nothing could be farther from the truth. Without the pioneers, none of this would have taken place. If not for the pioneers, you and I wouldn"t be living the lives we"re living. "Entrepreneur" is just an eloquent way of describing a pioneer. Entrepreneurs also travel across undeveloped land with no map and no real understanding as to what their fate truly is to be. They too have unwavering mental acuity and stubbornness to make it. My hat is tipped to those that find a way to lay railroad tracks across massive stretches of land risking life and capital or to those that develop social networks used by billions of people. While different, they are similar in that they overcame massive hurdles to succeed.I"m privileged to be working with the next generation of pioneers at StartFast. I can"t wait to see the next 10 years of development all around us. Pioneer on, find a way....and pray for snow!

James Shomar
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