If Investors Can’t See You They Can’t Find You

Here’s my serious face as I evaluate companies on Crunchbase. You should get on Crunchbase

Shoutout to LaunchNY for a great #LaunchHour today. Covering the fundamental topics around investor relations is incredibly important because they are so often forgotten or go unmentioned. In some sense, the most critical of those is the necessity to maximize your visibility online. If we can’t see you then we can’t find you.

We all have our referral network and of course we always keep our eyes open, but a decent percentage of companies that investors meet with have no first connection. As a result, the information we have to go on rests entirely upon what we can find about you online. Having active social media accounts is not enough. Social media is targeted at your customers, fundraising platforms are targeted at investors. You may have an incredibly high potential idea but if your online presence doesn’t reflect that, you probably won’t make it past the first screening.

If you’re unfamiliar with the online platforms, the below a list is for you to check out and build a professional presence on. There are a number of others but these are the primary platforms we use.


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James Shomar
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