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By Acheampong Johnsoninstamour_stickerJason Sherman, founder and CEO of Instamour, doesn’t believe in wasting a single second when it comes to work. Sherman, along with his trusted team of researchers and developers, has worked tirelessly to acquire as many users as possible to help them stand out come StartFast's Demo Day on August 14, 2014 - a mere three weeks from now.Instamour made a commitment - to reach 50,000 users by Demo Day - and they have no intent to fail. Jason and co. have found a method that has helped them triple their user base, from 10,000 users when they came into StartFast, up to a total of 40,000 users in their last count. This number has not only growing rapidly every day, but their users are fulfilling every marketing VP dream by enthusiastically spreading the word through their own networks.Instamour was able to ramp up its user acquisition by running “20 micro experiments using various combinations of age, location, interests, gender, ethnicity, and other factors to figure out who was most prone to create an account on our website or install our app” says Sherman in his latest interview.The big question on everyone’s mind is “What are you doing differently?”Well, according to Sherman, “The most interesting fact we found after running these campaigns is that 97% of the users were signing up using our Facebook login, so we started running Facebook Ads, targeting the same types of users that were signing up on our platform.” Users are also pretty excited about creating videos and commenting on their “amours” profiles. The new commenting feature was introduced only last week, and already 10% of the users have posted a comment on another users’s profile. Now Instamour is looking to expand into large cities where they have a strong userbase - New York, Philli, LA, and San Francisco in the US, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Lisbon, Portugal internationally. In large, crowded cities it is essential to create a large, balanced user community to succeed in matchmaking, and Instamour is up for the challenge. Sherman is estimating user acquisition cost at $0.56 for US and $0.21 for international users. With a budget of $200,000 Instamour is looking to expand their user base exponentially to reach 350,000 users.With Instamour’s growing community and their enthusiasm, it’s safe to say this company is on the path to success.

James Shomar
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