Interface Foundry Faces off Against Lyft in NYC

DSC_1025What does it feel like to be a 3-month old startup pitching against a globally recognized brand?  As a packed crowd at AlleyNYC found out this Wednesday, it feels GREAT!Rachel Law and JR Baldwin were friends and masters students at Parson’s School of design when they had an idea with the potential to revolutionize the way information is organized and accessed by people.  Instead of downloading hundreds of specialized apps or searching for and bookmarking thousands of URLs, they imagined all the information on the internet self-organizing and making itself visible to people with the touch of a single button on their mobile devices.  Earlier this year, Interface Foundry was born with the ambitious goal of organizing the world’s information in “databubbles” which are tied to location and time.  Even better, when someone is in a databubble, the information presented is prioritized and organized based on the user’s individual preferences.The AlleyNYC crowd oohed and aahed as Rachel showed them how easy it is to create your own databubble for any location and any event using the company’s Content Management System.  They were then blown away when Rachel announced that IF is now automating the process with a goal of creating a million data bubbles across the world by end of 2014.Data bubbles are the future of the internet and they are being invented at StartFast this summer!  To learn more, visit Interface Foundry and join us in cheering for Rachel and JR at StartFast Demo Day this August 14. 

James Shomar
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