Sooligan Founders a Little Older and a lot Wyzerr.

wyzerr_photoAfter 2 years focusing on college students, StartFast 2014 company Sooligan has pivoted. Their new name is Wyzerr (pronounced “wiser”) and their focus is now squarely on business.The Sooligan team brainstormed each day on the feedback they were getting from StartFast mentors. Monday night before last, on a Google hangout from Syracuse to Berkeley and New Orleans, inspiration hit. Marketing Director, Ajae Dandridge, pointed out the survey links on the bottom of every retail receipt. The team immediately saw the potential opportunity.CEO Natasia Malaihollo says, “As an entrepreneur, I am extremely frugal about spending. I like coupons and deals. I’ve taken many surveys for discounts and free food. In my experience, these surveys are ugly and give me little or no incentive to give honest input.” In that moment, they knew that Sooligan must pivot to improve the customer feedback process. With the mobile technology Sooligan had developed for students to rant or rave about their retail experiences, they could transform and disrupt this space!The next day, the team met with the CEO of a chain of fast food restaurants and got their first customer! Shortly thereafter, they came up with a new name and website Wyzerr is now looking for a few good brands that want the real-time voice of their customers. Whether they use this data to quickly adapt their offerings, prices, and service quality or simply to benchmark their performance against competition, Wyzerr has tapped into a big opportunity. 

James Shomar
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