The Makers are Thriving in Syracuse

The Maker Movement is helping StartFast grow. Our startups have been working tirelessly throughout the summer and the resident design and prototyping lab, the Le Moyne Maker Zone (LMZ), has been lending a helping hand, incorporating 3D printing into their prototyping and design processes. Some of the work done by the LMZ includes assistance in the prototyping process helping with maintenance and upgrading of HoverStat’s first drone. The maker space also came in handy when SmartyPans needed to 3D-print a couple of designs for their R&D.CAD for HoverStat at StartFastThe LMZ also offers technical advice and consulting for StartFast, as well as crash courses in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD).Beyond Le Moyne, Syracuse is home to several other maker spaces, including the Syracuse SALT makerspace, tailored to the artistic community. The SALT space in Downtown Syracuse is a haven for artists creating various technologies and materials that are normally not thought to go hand-in-hand with the arts. Syracuse University also has a maker space that will celebrate its first birthday this fall.maker space, syracuseBeyond LMZ, Syracuse is a hub for other great technical services as well. Businesses like CADimensions have ample resources and technical skill to help with anything related to 3D printing, the maker missions seen at Le Moyne, Syracuse University, and the SALT Space are living testaments to the incredible ingenuity that lay dormant in the minds of so many that have yet to feel the spark of creativity and intrigue. Syracuse is building traction towards becoming one of the next great tech hubs in the nation. Stop by for a tour!For tips and advice on how to start up your own maker space, contact the LMZ:   

James Shomar
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