Week Eleven - Balance

"The long practice of daily work gives us the muscles and sinews to uphold the work that wants to move through us" - Julie Cameron, The Artist's Way

This summer the StartFast teams have worked incredibly hard. They've all learned how to do more faster. They've developed skills and abilities through experience and experiment, trial, tribulation and occasional triumph. Their entrepreneurial muscles have grown strong.Each team is now ready for Demo Day, and has begun to look beyond it. Decisions like the balance of work and life beyond StartFast, the location of their office, where they will live, and how they will keep the momentum going are on their minds. As they continue to grow and develop their businesses as fast as possible, these entrepreneurs are also speaking with prospective investors and must balance the time committed to fund raising with the time required to run the business.

GuardMyAngel exceeded 10,000 Android downloads this past week (a rate of 200 new downloads per day) and launched their iPhone app. Canvita incorporates your story, creativity, and web presence (personal, professional and social), making it what some are calling Resume 2.0. Mozzo's email productivity application, MozzoMail, is now available from a button within Gmail and is processing 7,500 emails per user and 400,000 unique links for relevancy based on which contacts you communicate with most. Relevancy is also central to adtech company, StreamSpec, who struck up a partnership with SiteScout.com, one of the largest ad unit providers in the business, to serve it's ads when users hover over relevant images.

PadProof continues to rack up photographers (approach the 1,000 mark) who pay a commission when their images are sold through the application. BitePal's restaurant discount application is generating revenue in Ithaca and Syracuse, as the company continues its expansion into Rochester and Tucson. Tivity's CEO reports that they are working with five separate investors to identify who will lead the first round into this active lifestyle / employee health and wellness company. RevoPT, who are revolutionizing physical therapy and training through the use of video and mobile, have 20 physical therapists across 12 clinics nationwide using their beta, including some high-profile sports teams.It's amazing how quickly these companies are progressing. There will be a lot more revealed on Demo Day, but you have to be present to win. So balance your priorities accordingly and register now. We look forward to seeing you! 

James Shomar
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