Week Three - Gaining Traction

This past week of the StartFast program was a momentous one as each of the eight teams began to get traction. We started off the week with a Memorial Day barbeque at Nasir's.  With their complete team reunited, PadProof made breakthroughs, both in vision and in execution.  Realizing their potential to make professional digital images available for sharing and purchase on any iPad, the team began building real momentum, signing up 63 new photography studios on their platform this week. GuardMyAngel's 6,969 downloads to date is only the beginning as the team maps out an execution strategy to multiply that number. RevoPT launched their application in private beta and set up their first client clinic this week. At least two more clinics are expected to sign on early next week.Mozzo Analytics issued a new release of their MozzoLinks beta. CEO Mike D'Eredita explains, "In the cloud, everything is a link." Mozzo's vision is to make sense of data spread multiple cloud repositories as well as email and local files. Canvita, Tivity and StreamSpec all launched beta's this week as well. BitePal is making in-roads into the Syracuse restaurant scene as a microcosm toward building a national brand.Mentor meetings included Aaron Newman, CEO/Founder at Techrigy, Don Carr, Associate Professor of Design at Syracuse University, Michael Duda, Managing Partner, Consigliere Brand Capital, LLC and also a mentor for TechStars New YorkGreg Gibson, Founder and CEO at Scrappy, Startup Advisor at Gibson Venture Labs and Advisor at Scripped Inc., Zach Schulman, Managing Partner at Cayuga Venture Fund and Senior Lecturer of Management at the Johnson School of Cornell University, and Tim Godzich, co-founder and President at QBHealth.

Chuck Stormon
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