Meet the 2015 StartFast Companies

We're thrilled to announce the companies selected for this summer's program! These finalists were selected from more than 2,000 startups screened during a five-month process. Congrats to these talented teams:Hoverstat: Hoverstat provides drone-automated roof inspections to the insurance industry. When an insurance adjuster arrives at a house, all they must do is set down the drone and activate the app. The drone then uses an automated flight pattern, sending measurements and damage information to the app where the adjuster can add to the estimate before printing it out for the homeowner. Insurance companies will be able to provide faster, more accurate relief at a lower cost.Website: http://www.hoverstat.comFounding Team: Leanne Eckelberg; Mark SappSmartyPans: SmartyPans comprises of a smart cooking pan and a recipe app: They interact with each other via bluetooth. Unlike other recipe apps, SmartyPans is an intuitive system of cooking which removes the guess work out of the stove­ top cooking. The pan does the thinking for you so you get the perfect ingredients, precise cooking temperature and accurate nutritional information every time you cook. The app integrates with nutrition and fitness apps and devices, allowing you to streamline the flow of nutrition tracking right from the point of cooking.Website: http://www.smartypans.ioFounding Team: Prachi Baxi; Rahul BaxiMogee: Mogee is an iPhone keyboard app enhancing messaging through images; making messenger-based communication more contextual, articulate, and fun. Mogee will become a marketplace for designers and advertisers to release their proprietary content. The vision is to create an image-based global language platform.Website: http://www.mogeeapp.comFounding Team: Shuai Payne; Michael MooreElectronic Gaming Federation: The Electronic Gaming Federation is an electronic sports company working to establish an NCAA equivalent for competitive gaming including titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Starcraft. The company also produces eSports media including live broadcasts of events, news, and eSports analysis.Website: http://www.egfederation.comFounding Team: Tyler Schrodt; Rockie Hunter; Josh Roberts; Ryan Vazquez; Kathleen TigueBitReady: BitReady is a platform that simplifies Bitcoin to bring it to the masses. Users can deposit local currency into their accounts which they can then spend as Bitcoin, bypassing the need to understand the technology behind Bitcoin in order to use it. The service manages the process of buying and spending Bitcoin for the user so our customers can focus on making purchases, not managing their finances. We offer users protection from losses resulting from market volatility and exchange rate variation.Website: http://bitready.ioFounding Team: Patrick Kelly; Michael YoungMake sure you follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to keep up with their growth this summer and mark your calendar to see them pitch at Demo Day August 13th.

James Shomar
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