Top 5 areas StartFast wants to invest in now

It's recruiting season for StartFast right now. Applications are rolling in and we're interviewing candidates. We've got one company on the "short list" already. We've also already hired our Design-Star and have several great Hack-Star candidates. In this post, I'm going to share what areas I'd most like to invest StartFast's resources in and why. If your company fits the bill, please apply now!

  1. Health and healthcare informatics - there are more people in the world over sixty than under fifteen for the first time. There's a huge number of health-obsessed individuals looking for the next wearable, app, or SaaS that can help them be healthier. There's an explosion of enterprise needs at the same time. This market is on fire!
  2. AI and robotics - Google has bought a whole bunch of AI and robotics companies. Why? Because these technologies are mature enough, for the first time, to be amazing boosts to productivity of all kinds. It's a wide-open opportunity and exits will be relatively easy for the startups that create something truly useful.
  3. Internet of everything and everywhere - connected devices and places (e.g. Data Bubbles). Need I say more? The wavefront is visible on the horizon and it's a tsunami of opportunity that will raise all boats as it razes the players/markets that don't innovate quickly enough in this area.
  4. Innovative uses of blockchain and related technologies - Blockchain is to banking, insurance, and commerce what the internet was to media - disruptive. Disintermediation on a massive scale. We've seen it before. Get ready for more change, massive change and huge fortunes created by the successful innovators.
  5. Platforms involving video, virtual and augmented reality - the video explosion is well-underway (e.g. Netflix is the largest bandwidth user on the Internet), but many don't realize that it's still accelerating. We appear to still be at the beginning of an enormous trend driving commerce. Augmented reality is how mobile video gets to be ubiquitous.

We are living in the Golden Age. There has never been a time when it was so easy to start something, innovate and make a living doing it. I imagine that entrepreneurs 25 years from how will be jealous of how awesome it would have been to be an entrepreneur in 2015. It's a wide-open frontier! You can pick almost any idea, make a mobile app for it, throw in a little AI, and put it on the cloud. Or add a couple new sensors and you've created a new device category. Expectations and barriers are low and capital is readily available. In a generation, I predict that no one will believe how easy it was to succeed as an entrepreneur in 2015. THIS (right now)  is the best time to invent something, to start something on the internet,  in the whole history of the world. There are more opportunities, more market openings, lower barriers, risk/reward ratios, better returns, greater upside, than ever before. Right now, this instant. The coolest companies and products have not been invented yet.StartFast backs passionate entrepreneurs, surrounds them with mentors and other resources and enables them to make a year's worth of progress in 3 months.

James Shomar
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