Demo-Day 2014

Demo Day 2014Instamour[Opening Remarks]

  • This is it!
  • Chuck Stormon: Welcomes the guests in the room and introduces StartFast's Alum from last year.
  • Chuck thanks sponsors such as Le Moyne College, Centerstate CEO, Seed Capital, etc.
  • Mentors rise up to receive praise from the crowd
  • Tony, from Manning & Napier takes the stage:
  • "This day,...would not have been possible if it wasn't for Chuck Stormon and Nasir Ali"
  • "...Finding the next gem..."
  • "...Make a little investment magic happen today..."
  • Nasir Ali takes the stage:
  • The furnace accelerator is a new accelerator in town
  • Leslie Jump takes the stage:
  • "Startups have changed..."
  • "The lean startup movement...this is all about building something, learning what's going on with your customer..."
  • "It's a process. You need to be there for the long run"
  • "Today you can build a million dollar company from you sofa"
  • "So I want you to listen today...get involve with a startup company...write a check"


  • Jason Sherman takes the stage:
  • "Online Dating Sucks!"
  • "So about a year ago, I said to myself, someone has to fix this"
  • "We came to startfast with only 10k users... I am proud to announce that as of today we have 100k users"
  • "Together we are on a mission to end bad dates forever!"
  • Jason leaves the stage


  • Sean B. takes the stage and introduces PlatypusTv
  • Nomi Foster takes the stage
  • "Three major user view... Old is new..., Premiere...., Interactors..."
  • 70B, this year alone, was spent on TV ads
  • Nomi  leaves the stage

[Keynotes - Patrick Ambron (]

  • Patrick Ambron takes the stage and introduces BrandYourself
  • "If you can't explain your business in 1 Minute, it is too complicated"
  • "Stand-out best at one thing, than mediocre at 100 things"
  • "Enjoy the ups, remember the downs"
  • "Hire the best: Pitch them just like an investor"
  • "Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers and their work"
  • "Know how you're different, make sure everyone else knows too"
  • Patrick Ambron leaves the stage


  • Ben Bragdon takes the stage and introduces Wyzerr
  • Ben leaves the stage
  • Natasia takes the stage
  • "Initially target retailers with millennial customers"
  • Natasia leaves the stage


  • Jay from Manning & Napier takes the stage and introduces Zursh
  • Jay leaves the stage
  • Simon takes the stage
  • "Please see me afterwards so that I can tell you how we can use every last dollar to reach 20M transactions by 2016. Thank you"
  • Simon leaves the stage

[Keynotes - ]

  • Crowd stands to stretch
  • "Image and authenticity"
  • "I come here I see this energy, it's authentic! Thank you for having me!"
  • Speaker leaves the stage.

[Mass Mosaic]

  • Speaker takes the stage to introduce Mass Mosaic
  • Speaker leaves the stage
  • "we may not realize what we have until someone values it"
  • Rob Jameson takes the stage
  • "The economy is evolving, and Mass Mosaic is what's it's evolving into."
  • "The secret to how this works is simple. We don't just rely on buying and selling (by pierce)."
  • Rob Jameson leaves the stage

[Interface Foundry]

  • Elisa Miller-Out takes the stage to introduce Interface Foundry
  • Elisa Miller-Out leaves the stage
  • Rachel Law takes the stage
  • "Everyone, take out your mobile devices and enter this url: ... "
  • Rachel Law leaves the stage

[Closing Remarks]

  • Nasir Ali shows his gratitude by thanking Families, friends, investors, mentors, and Interns.

This concludes StartFast's 2014 Demo-Day.

James Shomar
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