The HEAT is ON!

""I have not had this much fun all summer!"
--- Angel investor and exited entrepreneur Bob Theis (after hearing the StartFast teams pitch to SCF investors last Thursday).
We are eight days out from Demo Day and the teams are all stepping up their game.
  • Instamour has gone from zero to nearly 50,000 desktop users since launching their website platform July 11. Total users are now over 60,000 (including mobile) and on track to go past 80,000 by demo day. They have interest from a number of investors in the Philadelphia area and are getting ready to initiate a convertible debt round.
  • Interface Foundry has added more paying customers that want databubbles for their tech conferences in NYC. They have also automated the process so that databubbles can automatically be created when someone sets up an event on facebook, meetup, etc. On track to their goal of 1 million databubbles and 1 million users by year end.  They pitched last week in NYC against the very well known and well funded Lyft ridesharing app and are also likely to demo at NYC Tech Meetup (the largest meetup in the world) following StartFast demo day.
  • Wyzerr continues to refine their product and has a lot of inbound customer interest from retail establishments (setting up surveys for DestinyUSA, Dave and Busters, and Syracuse Downtown Committee). They just presented to some Texas-based investors over Skype who made their money in retail and were immediately asked how much they were looking to raise.
  • MassMosaic has launched their platform and begun process of marketing and onboarding users. A NYC VC reached out to us expressing interest and we had a preliminary meeting last week.  The VC is interested and has funded others in this space, but would like to revisit possibility of funding when MM starts processing transactions.
  • Zursh has started processing research requests ranging from $500 to $5,000 in price. They have also identified pools of existing money that could be diverted by investment research firms like Manning & Napier to their platfrom.
  • Platypus TV has launched their android app and the iphone version should be available in the Apple Store by end of this week. They are testing their marketing strategies with early adopters.

There are 8 days left and we can only guess what our motivated teams will do to gather more attention and excitement for Demo Day! Come and see for yourself!

James Shomar
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